LIGEO™ promotes adapting and re-using our products to meet changing space requirements. The ease of construction and installation also means the break down is equally simple and fast. LIGEO™ easily moves with you and can easily be customized to fit your new environment. If a store is rebuilt, the next show is smaller than the last one, the new apartment has a unique living area – LIGEO™ is adaptable and ready to meet your needs.

Our LEDs have an expected life of 40,000 hours. Due to our low-voltage system a faulty light bar does not need to be changed by a professional electrician. You can make the change with the system functioning or with it turned off. The use of LED technology makes LIGEO™ lights very energy-efficient. The class A+ energy efficiency rating protects the environment and your wallet for many years. Weighing approximately 400 grams per meter, (approximately .9 pounds per yard), LIGEO™ is very lightweight due to the environmentally conscious use of aluminum. Combining the low-voltage system, the simple plug-in connections and the supply of current from only one point makes the need for copper wiring unnecessary.