Photo by Scott Render (www.cs-ap.com)


Photo by Scott Render (www.cs-ap.com)


Photo by Scott Render (www.cs-ap.com)


There have always been two sides to the lighting industry, decorative and commercial lighting. Unfortunately, there’s very little in between.  The decorative lighting is designed for homes, bars or other similar situations. These lights create atmosphere and set accents but often produce low quality light. In the work place or industrial settings, you can find high-quality lighting but its visual design doesn’t excite or inspire people.  The “gap” between decorative and commercial lighting was the inspiration for LIGEO. We wanted a system of lights that combined high quality lighting AND inspirational design. During the development of a product that fulfilled both needs our designer, Dietmar Dix, also developed a patented “hub” that allows for complete design freedom and flexibility.

LIGEO uses energy-efficient LED light with a high color rendering index. Corresponding data sheets can be found in our download area. With more than 1,630 lumens per yard, LIGEO is as bright as a 120W light bulb. The LED assembly is available from daylight to warm white, meeting the needs of any lighting situation. For a standards-compliant work light, we have daylight white light bars (5300K). The 4000k version offers a more neutral light and is universally applicable. The warm light of 3000K lamps, similar to incandescent or halogen lamps, creates an intimate and welcoming atmosphere for living spaces. Regardless of the LED application each lamp is also dimmable.

  • exceptional lighting design (congress halls, museums)
  • representative lighting design (meeting rooms, reception areas)
  • homelike lighting design (hotels and residences)
  • flexible lighting design (conventions and business fairs)
  • efficient lighting (production halls and offices)